Just Be

Fast forward today, and now it is time to just be.

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You Can’t Kick Start a Dead Horse

Sometimes when words do not come to mind, a song can summarize everything you feel.

In the last few years, between being laid off, and then screwed in a business deal by someone who I thought was a friend, losing almost everything I have, this song summarizes a lot of how I felt about it.

Warning: Explicit lyrics

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The First Post of a New Chapter in Life

Sometimes you have to start over.  Not because you want to, but because you have have no other choice.  You can no longer live the way you are living.  Sometimes you have to lose almost everything you have, so that you have a clean slate from which to create again.  Sometimes the change and transformation of your life comes as much as from desperation as from inspiration.

But in the end, really, it just comes down to a decision.  A decision to not put up with what you have been putting up with, a decision that circumstances are not going to dictate how your life goes, a decision that you are better that how you are living, a decision to stand up and make a difference in people’s lives despite the obstacles, a decision to build the life you love, regardless of what people may think.

Most of my life, I have been trying to fit in, get along, be liked, please others, help others.  And in the end, I am the one who is mentally, socially and financially broke from it all.  Taken advantage of, manipulated, and used.  Building wealth for other people, meanwhile I am struggling.

Today I stand up and declare those days are over.  Today I declare that from now on, I will have the life I love, and I will have it now.

And day by day, I will grow and develop and create the life I love, piece by piece, until the pieces are all in place.

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